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December 18, 2017
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PC500 & PC550  
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PC500 and PC550 (4 Zones) Technical File


Click here for user's manual.

Changing Access Codes

The PC550 features 4 programmable Access Codes. The first is the Master Code, and the remaining three codes are normal Access Codes.

Programming Access Codes: Enter [*][5] [Master Code]; the "Ready", "Armed" and "System" lights will FLASH. The Zone Lights will indicate which Access Codes have been programmed, and which Access Code is presently being programmed.

Zone Light
Access Code is…
OFF not programmed
ON steady programmed
Flashing Presently being programmed


When the [*][5][Master Code] command is entered, Zone Light 1 will be ON to indicate that the Master Code is already programmed.

Changing or Adding a Code: To change the Master Code or Access Codes 2 through 4, enter the number of the code to be changed; the corresponding Zone Light will begin to FLASH. For example, enter [1] to change the Master Code, or enter [2] to change Access Code 2, and so on.

With the desired Zone Light flashing, enter a new 4-digit Access Code. Do not press [*] or [#] when entering the code. If an existing code is being changed, the new code will replace the old one. After the code is entered, the keypad will beep 3 times and the Zone Light will stop flashing and remain ON.

If you want to program another code, press the number key for the code to be programmed, and enter the new 4-digit code as described above. When all desired changes are complete, press the [#] Key to return to "Ready".

Erasing a Code: To erase a code, enter [*][5][Master Code]. Enter the number of the code to be erased; the Zone Light for the code will FLASH.

Enter [****] to erase the Access Code. When all desired changes are complete, press the [#] Key to return to "Ready".

IMPORTANT: Do not erase the Master Code. If the Master Code is accidentally erased, contact your installing company for assistance.

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